Hello world!

It’s 9:30pm Saturday night. My few friends have something else to do tonight & I’m bored to tears. Well, not actual tears. I refuse to be bored to actual tears. Tonight I’m bored to action! What’s the point in confiding in that empty journal I bought (with good intentions) a few years ago? What I need is motivation! You, my friends, will be the motivation I need to change this ho-hum life into something worth living. I will not ignore how I feel & go back to watching TV. Tonight I’m starting my very own blog!

There is no excuse for boredom. I live near the heart of an active metropolitan city (& my friends still don’t come over. I wonder if they feel as stuck as I feel.) The time has come to start enjoying all of the wonderful things around me & start living my best possible life. No more procrastinating! Even as I think it I realize that by creating this blog I’ve unwittingly concocted another excuse to postpone making meaningful change. The trick will be to make it work for me rather than against me.

So many of my attempts to add meaning, happiness, or even just interest to this life have failed. Examples include staying fit, learning to play the guitar, & broadening my social circle. Gave them all a whirl . . . it just didn’t work out the way I’d hoped. These are not insurmountable tasks. There are lots of popular, healthy guitar players out there. So why couldn’t I be one? I’ve discovered the two major issues holding me back.

1. Making change isn’t easy.

2. No accountability.

This blog takes care of the second issue. I have to assume that those of you reading my posts are expecting me to step up & I have no intention of letting you down. As for the first issue, I think the greatest difficulty will be maintaining momentum once I get started. Undoubtedly there will be other barriers as well, but rather than get myself on a negative track I’m going to focus on expectations. To me, living my best life means living actively, openly, & charitably. It’s not about needing to travel the globe, climb Everest, & become a millionaire before I turn thirty (oops, missed that deadline.) It’s not about a bucket list. It’s about turning off the auto pilot & living in the moment. Starting now, I plan to go about making changes so I can live my very best life. Wish me luck.

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